In this weeks episode, we take a little trip back in time!

I had the privilege to have a conversation with Avy Schreiber, a fellow Detroiter,  (yes more of us exist!)

and one of the founding members of Beat’Achon A Capella group.

Avy is also an accomplished pianist and wedding singer. Fun fact: He played my wedding 9 years ago! ( We even played on stage together!)

For those old enough to remember, Beat’Achon, was the original Jewish group.

Later they turned into Kol Zimra, which is now making a resurgence with a few new songs that have recently been debuted on their YouTube channel.

Tune in and hear how it all began back in the late 80’s and see where they are all today.

If you’re an A Capella fan this is good one.

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To learn more about Avy and get him at your next Simcha you can check him out on social media here

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