Behind The Scenes WIth Yosef Daniel

In this weeks episode of Go Simcha: The Podcast, Zeesha sits down with an up and coming artist, Yosef Daniel Villarreal.

Yosef tells us on Go Simcha,  of his incredible journey from Corpus Christi, Texas all the way to the holy land of Israel.

It was no easy journey for Yosef, as we learn of his spiritual journey coming closer to Hashem and Judaism and Simcha he got.

Yosef talks about his time as a Christian rock musician and how that lead him to a higher calling both musically and spiritually.

We talk about how many of Yosef’s songs have already become big hits in the United States topping the charts on The Jewish Entertainment Network

We also learn and discuss the latest single that Yosef just put out entitled “13”.

Why is it called “13”?

Yosef explains the story and reasoning behind the track,

He goes into explaining that it all comes down to the 13 attributes of mercy.

Tune in to the show and hear the full episode.

More about Yosef Daniel

Yosef Daniel is a new face in the Jewish music world but not to music.

Daniel’s has been playing guitar, writing songs, and recording music for over twenty years.

Born in Mexico, a Texas native, he has traveled with bands performing music throughout the USA, Mexico, and Israel.

So why is he a new face to the Jewish music world? His story started in a Judeo-Christian church call “Church of God- 7th Day.”

As a child, he aspired to pursue a career in both music and clergy.

As a teenager and young adult, he expanded his skills in music and trained with other clergy organizations in outreach.

Yosef’s spiritual connection through music attached him to a truth-seeking path.

Allowing him to grow as a musician and spiritual guide for others under his leadership.

Even though he pursued his passion to serve his community as a righteous person, behind the scenes, there were serious challenges.

Part of Yosef’s family on both parental and maternal sides, there was involvement with organized crime.

As if that wasn’t enough of a challenge, one of his childhood best friends got involved with the illegal drug trade at an early age as well.

The school and neighborhood he lived in were gang infested.

Yosef Daniel survived a drive-by shooting causing him to seek guidance from above for a better life.

His search brought him to the truth in the Torah of Moshe Rabbeinu, literally saving his life.

Yosef made aliyah in the summer of 2010. He lives with his wife and five children in Ramat Bet Shemesh, Israel.

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