Behind The Scenes WIth Yoni Z

In this weeks episode, Zeesha sits down with singer, songwriter, and composer Yoni Z!

We’ve been trying to get Yoni Z on the show for a while and this was a very special opportunity.

Yoni Z talks with us about his early years growing up in Brooklyn and learning how to sing.

He tells us how he was trained in classical music but made the shift to pop! We learn all about his music, and we speak on future projects.

Yoni Z also tells us about his time as a Chazzan, learning the ropes from his father!

We also discuss a topic that is very dear to Yoni, on the importance of buying Jewish records and supporting your favorite artists.

More About The Artist

Raised harmonizing in a family of musicians, singers, and cantors, Yoni Z has been breathing and living music since he was born. Despite his young age, Yoni has shaken the Jewish music industry with his ecstatic energy, soulful singing, all executed with the utmost finesse, and has performed concerts in countries all across the globe. In addition, he has earned the recognition of the finest producers and musicians in the industry and works with them closely at countless Simchas and events, making each appearance a memorable one.

Aside from his voice and performance, what is unique about Yoni is his versatility. He has earned the reputation among his fans and critics as “the walking jukebox”. Descending from a blended Jewish heritage, Yoni Z entertains an assembly of all audiences; young and old, Hasidic or modern, religious and secular, Ashkenazi and Sephardic alike, capable of wowing his audience on all fronts.

With his dynamic ora and sweet yet powerful voice, Yoni Z continues to conquer the Jewish music scene by storm – one show at a time.

If you’d like to book Yoni Z  for a show you can contact him at 917-270-5660

Yoni’s music is available on Itunes, as well as Niggun music and Mostly music. You can find all his albums wherever Jewish music is sold.

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