In this weeks episode of Gosimcha: The Podcast, Zeesha sits down with new artist, Uzi Bodner.

Uzi, just released his first album and there was lots to talk about.

The first question Zeesha dove into was are you Israeli?

With a name like Uzi, our listeners would think this is another singing sensation from the holy land!

Uzi clears that up with the story about his unique name which leads to more discussion of uniqueness!

The Album

The album, Uzi Bodner’s first, has a very interesting title.

“Hey Ha” is very unique as Uzi put it. It all ties in to the story of his unique name, and story.

” We went to sit down and all we had was the two words Hey, Ha! I sent the lyrics to Miriam Israeli and she created a masterpiece from that”

Hey, Ha, the newest album from new artist Uzi Bodner
The Album

Uzi discusses the story and message behind the song and album and why it so powerful.

More about Uzi

After several singles, Uzi Bodner is finally debuting his all-new original album.

This CD produced by Yochi Briskman is currently set to hit stores February 13, 2019

Uzi has spent a year handpicking each song, and each arranger, with tremendous attention to detail, Uzi has prepared an album you will want to hear, over and over again!

The album, titled “Hey Ha!” has songs composed by Elie Schwab, Mordechai Brezel, Boruch Sholom Blesofsky, Yitzi and Doni Gross, Yitzy Waldner and Ari Goldwag!

The music is arranged by top arrangers including Amit Harel, Yanky Briskman, Yochanan Uri, Yitzy Spinner, Moshe Laufer, Doni Gross, and Shmulik Berger.

The album will also be available for digital download on all platforms, including Nigun MusicMostly Music, iTunes, and other outlets

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