Mazal Tov!

We have reached season 2 of Gosimcha : The Podcast!

With over 40 episodes, streamed on multiple platforms, websites and Jewish radio stations and nearly 60,000 listeners across the world.

This is a big milestone for our show!

Season 2 kicks off with one of the legends in the Jewish music world.

In this weeks episode I sit down with the great Shlomo Simcha to pick his brain and learn his story of how his music has transcended the generations.

About Shlomo Simcha

One of the greatest Jewish stars to ever come out of Toronto, Shlomo Simcha returns to his roots with both Hebrew and English songs, even evoking the feeling of the “Aish” series, which he recorded with fellow Toronto legend Abie Rotenberg.

Shlomo Simcha rose to unprecedented fame by pairing traditional chazanus with contemporary styles.

Latest Album

Shlomo Simcha has been creating music that has transcended generations. Pairing with some of the top composers and names in the Jewish music world over the years to give your ears an experience unparalleled.


As the Yomim Naroyim are almost upon us, R’ Pinchas felt it was the ideal time to release this stirring new niggun. This was  accompanied by an equally stirring performance courtesy of the incomparable Shlomo Simcha.

The hit song Avinu Malkeynu  will be featured on the upcoming Shirei Pinchas 3 due to be released  in time for Chanukah.

Album cover for Shlomo Simcha new album with Pinchus Wolf

To fully convey the “soul” of the song  and ensure  it connects with the broadest listener base possible, R’ Pinchas enlisted the  talents of David Lennik of Better World Productions.

Using the world famous  Bialystoker shul as a backdrop , Lennik and his team elevated  R’ Pinchas’ already stellar nigun and  Shlomo  Simcha’s poignant performance  into a world class, timeless message of Emunah, and Bitachon that will help  the listener gain an invaluable new perspective  just in time for the new year.

You can purchase the album from Mostly Music and download it on all major music streaming platforms.

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