This week Zeesha sits down with an old friend from Yeshiva Mendy Weinreb.

“When we were in Yeshiva about eight years ago, we used to have a bunch of guys who played instruments

Mendy was the one with the violin and ukulele!  and we used to all just jam”

Mendy Weinreb is a very multi talented singer and musician and songwriter.

Mendy best know as the lead singer of ” The Weinreb Brothers Band” has recently went off on his own and just released a new song.

You can watch the video here:

The Early Years

As we sit down with Mendy, Zeesha talks about the early years.

He discusses how the year in Yeshiva was the one that really made him realize this is what he wanted to do.

In the beginning, Mendy tells us how he always wanted to be different. That’s why he decided to play the violin.

“I liked the way it sounded, it was different and unique”

Part of what makes him  different is his sound.

After parting ways with the violin, Mendy tells us how he picked up the ukulele.

The music brings a new unique sound to the Jewish music world.

The Inspiration

Mendy Weinreb talks about his musical influences and inspirations.

” C.Lanzbom and Soul Farm are some who really inspired my sound”

” We’ve recorded a bunch of our album in his studio, he’s kinda like our Rebbe”

He also sights, Shlomo Carlebach as other inspiration for his sound.

What’s Next

As we sit down with Mendy Weinreb to catch up and discuss his music,

We talk about what’s next!

Mendy discusses a new album in the making and a few music videos.

You can follow Mendy Weinreb on Instagram and Facebook.

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