Behind The Scenes WIth The Key Tov Orchestra

On this weeks episode, Zeesha sits down with Elliot Dvorin, band leader with the Key Tov Orchestra.

Zeesha talks with Elliot about the rich history his family has with the music industry and within the Chicago Simcha scene.

Elliot discusses some his most memorable moments in music and even talks about the famous flash mob video that went viral!

We also learn about Elliot’s family ties to the late great Elvis Presley and how his grandfather coined the phrase “Elvis Has Left The Building”

Tune in to hear the full episode!

More About The Key Tov Orchestra

*Based in Chicago, the Key Tov Orchestra has been performing for audiences all over the country since 2002.

Under the musical direction of its founder, Elliot Dvorin, the Key Tov Orchestra was created as a Jewish wedding band providing spirited and energetic singing and dancing for brides and grooms throughout the Midwest.

With their unique ability to perform traditional Jewish music as well as contemporary musical selections, Key Tov has become the premier Jewish wedding band in the greater Chicago area.

If you’d like to book Elliot and the Key Tov Orchestra for you next Simcha, you can visit their profile on

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