Sitting Down With Hebro

In episode 46 Zeesha sits down with singer, songwriter, rapper and producer Raphael ” Hebro” Fulcher to learn his story.

Meet Hebro

The youngest of six children born in Crown Heights Brooklyn to African-American Orthodox Jewish parents who converted to Judaism in the early 70’s under the guidance of Rabbi J.J. Hecht, the then-assistant to the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Hebro hails from a family of spiritual vocalists.
Though born in Brooklyn, the singer, songwriter, rapper and producer spent his formative years in North Carolina, St. Louis and Israel. As an ardent fan and student of music since a very young age, Hebro, who’s full name is ‘Raphael Ohr Chaim Fulcher’, has cultivated a deep appreciation for the colossal power music holds to make positive change in the world. His music is his mission to do just that.
His craft touches a wide range of musical genres including Hip Hop, Reggae, Motown, EDM, and R&B. Conscious, meaningful lyrics combine with deep rhythm’s and soulful melodies to create uplifting and inspirational music designed to spread unity, truth, and progress to the farthest reaches of the globe.

Having stretched his musical wings on stage with MatisyahuNissim BlackMoshav Band, Lipa Schmeltzer, Zusha and others, Fulcher decided three years ago that it was time to share his God given gifts with the world in a debut EP titled Genesis.​

It is an album that is inspired by Tehillim, by King David’s work. “When I imagine Daveed Hamelech performing during his life, I imagine that his music had rhythm and spirit.

Put on a Hip-Hop instrumental and read Psalms. It will blow your mind. I personally believe he was the greatest rapper of all time. No disrespect at all but I don’t think it sounded much like the typical ‘Jewish’ music we hear today in the orthodox world”. I want to bring his poetry back to life.”

Hebro writes music that sheds light on being fearful of what we don’t control or understand and the responsibility we share to overcome it. “

There is a message there in Cain’s conversation with Hashem, when he says he doesn’t know where his brother is. If we focused on the other person, if we were conscious of one another, and were tolerant of each other, we would be able to bring about the ultimate redemption.Having been the only African-American student in the yeshivos he attended since first grade wasn’t always easy, admitted Fulcher, but it was an experience that prepared him for his future.

“It was often challenging for myself and for my peers,” said Fulcher. “It was a reality that none of them had ever dealt with before and it was new for them. Still, growing up as an African-American Jew in a white Orthodox Jewish world gave me the experience to understand the potential of breaking down the barriers of fear and difference while creating an opportunity for growth. B’nei Yisrael come in all shapes and colors and sizes and the sooner we can all handle that the sooner we will all be b’simcha.”

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