This week marks episode 32 of Gosimcha: The podcast.

We have reached another milestone on the show, where we have recently been picked up on

along with KDN Radio Network and    This is very exciting for all of us here at Gosimcha.

On this weeks episode, Zeesha sits down with a very special guest. He is a very talented singer, songwriter, and entertainer.

Eli Levin joins us this week to discuss his music, his journey, and his career.

How it all began

From his early years growing up in Brooklyn New York,  Eli tells us how his family was a very musical family.

His father was always singing, his cousins who are also very musical would join in family farbrengans.

He said that his cousins of the band Pumpidisa would always join in. Eli discusses how from an early age he really gravitated to all instruments.

” Whatever it was, I just found it, I had to play it. ”

From CPA to full-time musician

Eli talks with Zeesha about how his “real” profession is really a CPA.

“When people would ask me, why are not working as an accountant, you could be making money why are you a musician? ”

“I say, Boruch Hashem, I am doing what I love and I make a living”

 The music

Eli talks with Zeesha about his music.  This music has a unique style to it. Eli refers to his music as “Settler” music.

Which is very raw, real and open. In his latest music video, this concept and sound really shine.

When asked what his inspiration for Halelu was, Eli describes his times in Israel on Shabbat in Pardes Chana davening in the forest with this niggun being used in the Shabbos morning teffila.

You can watch the full video here

The New Release

This motzei Shabbat, Eli tells us how he will be releasing a new single, “Never Give Up”.

Hear the full episode to learn more.

If you would like to book Eli Levin for your next Simcha you can message him on Instagram:

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