After a long summer, we are finally back!

In this weeks episode Zeesha sits down with Duvy Burston.

Duvy is ONLY 16 years old and has already put out two hit singles.

His latest just debuted recently just in time for him to go back to Yeshiva.

Life As A Young Musician

Duvy talks about how he got his start in music.

From the early days singing around the Shabbat table, and than gradually moving into piano and guitar.

Duvy Burston displays his talents at a young age.

You might wonder how someone can manage a musical career and being in Yeshiva?

Duvy explains that Boruch Hashem, his Yeshiva was very keen to his talents and gave him the space he needed.

The First Single.

Duvy Burston released his first single, “Ki Ata Imadi” after the shooting which claimed the lives of those praying at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh.

” I was learning in Yeshiva at the time in Pittsburgh and it needed to be put out.” Burston said of the song.

You can listen to it here:

Our Podcast did an interview with Rabbi Chonie Friedman, Shliach in Pittsburgh discuss how you can take tragedy and bring Simcha from it.  This was episode sixteen.

Searching For You | The Second Single

Duvy Burston just debuted his second single at 16 years old.

Entitled ” Searching For You”

You can listen to it here:

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