In this weeks episode, Zeesha sits down with Chassidic musician and producer, Chony Mileki.

Chony discusses how he grew up in Australia with limited resources to learn music.

We discusses how he taught himself multiple instruments even surprising his wife!

He also talks about his previous works and his studio. We also discuss his latest album ‘The Great Farby’

We learn how every moment can become a farbrengen and what went into creating this Jewish masterpiece.

Zeesha and Chony also discuss the power of a Jewish celebrity and how that role can really impact the people who follow you.

The conversation switches to the ever-growing topic of buying Jewish CDs. We have been speaking about this topic with some of our previous guests and Chony weighs in.

More About Chony

Chony Milecki has performed at over 1500 events all around the world.

His performances have taken him to over 40 states in the USA and tens of countries internationally.

Chony was a finalist in the 2011 Yamaha USA FreeStyle Competition and has co-produced some of the biggest Jewish concerts in Brooklyn including the Hakhel-Mega-Event.

To book Chony  Mileki  or if you’d like to purchase his latest cd, visit his website:

You can also find his music on and

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