As we are getting ready for Pesach, its quite appropriate we sit down with world renowned cantor Chaim Dovid Berson.

Born and raised in Jerusalem’s Neve Yaakov neighborhood, Chaim Dovid tells us his story of how he got into the world of Chazzanut!

Meet Chaim Dovid

Cantor Chaim Dovid Berson, born and raised in Jerusalem, is the Chief Cantor of the prestigious Manhattan Jewish Center.

Cantor Berson received his education at the Mir Yeshiva in Jerusalem. Subsequently, he graduated from the Tel Aviv Cantorial Institute, receiving an unparalleled quality of training in Chazzanut, voice skills, and the Mesorah of our Tefilah, under the personal tutelage of the world-renowned Cantor Naftali Hershtik and composer Raymond Goldstein.

His mellifluous, lyrical tenor voice, his deep knowledge in music and Tefilah as well his personal charisma, make Cantor Berson unique in his craft and much sought after as a Chazzan and singer.

Cantor Berson is currently spearheading the OU Nussach Ha’Tefilah Initiative whose goal is to work with communities and Ba’alei Tefilah to disseminate knowledge and awareness of the guidelines of our Mesorah in Nussach HaTefilah.

An internationally acclaimed Chazzan and Hassidic music singer, Cantor Berson has performed at music festivals throughout North America, Israel, and Europe. Cantor Berson has led several missions to Poland, teaching and inspiring visitors of all ages to connect to their Jewish roots and learn about the life and destruction of European Jewry.

He was invited to the United Nations General Assembly, where he recited a memorial prayer for the victims of the Holocaust,  has performed on Central Park’s Summer Stage in a concert celebrating Israel, as well as at the Krakow Jewish Festival, and was a featured singer with the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra.

Cantor Berson has served as Associate Cantor at the Shaar HaShamayim Synagogue in Montreal and the Ohel Leah Synagogue in Hong Kong, and is constantly in demand to lead services in prestigious synagogues worldwide, including the Great Synagogue in Jerusalem.

Often accompanied by his own guitar playing and demonstrating a broad repertoire of music, he is a favorite artist at popular Jewish music concerts, weddings, and events.

As a versatile singer of contemporary Jewish music, Chaim Dovid is currently working on completing his debut album, featuring original songs.

The Hybrid Cantor

Chaim Dovid, discusses with us how their is more to him than Cantorial singing.

He is also a very popular wedding singer.

Chaim Dovid also talks with us about his recent single ” Mi Li”  that just came out!

A new upbeat and energetic song to the famous words of Hillel the elder in Pirkei Avot – If I am not for myself, then who will be for me? But when I am for myself, then what am “I”? And if not now, when?

You can listen below!

Chaim Dovid Berson is available for weddings, and full concerts.

If you would like to book him you can email or call (347) 604-5324

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